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Episode #44: Discovering the Hidden Gems of Historical Ethics with Jason Kingsley

July 21, 2023 Sebastian Schieke Season 1 Episode 44
The High-Performance CEO Show
Episode #44: Discovering the Hidden Gems of Historical Ethics with Jason Kingsley
Show Notes

Does this sound familiar? You've been told to adopt the latest business strategies and trends to succeed, only to find yourself stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. The pain of investing time and resources into actions that don't yield the desired results can be frustrating and discouraging. But what if I told you there's a way to break free from this cycle? By integrating historical ethics into your modern business practices, you can unlock the key to increased success. Join us in this episode as we explore historical ethics' imperative role in shaping contemporary business operations and discover how it can revolutionize your approach to success. 

Jason Kingsley OBE is the co-founder and CEO of Rebellion, a highly successful British video game development and publishing company with notable franchises like Sniper Elite and Alien Vs. Predator, Rebellion has gained global recognition in the gaming industry. In addition to their video games, Rebellion publishes iconic British comics such as 2000 AD and engages in board game production and film and TV studio projects. Jason is also an accomplished equestrian passionate about medieval history, having competed in European jousting tournaments. He is the chair of The Independent Game Developers' Association (TIGA) and was honored with an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his economic contributions.

In this episode, you will: 

  • Recognize the inherent importance of melding historical ethics with modern business practices. 
  • Perceive the rampant expansion and the unsung importance of the gaming industry in our digital lives. 
  • Acknowledge the immense influence of online affiliations and friendships built in the virtual universe. 
  • Understand the intricate web linking wealth to happiness and our perpetual chase of the seemingly unattainable. 
  • Detect the troublesome fallout of media algorithms and our constant bombardment with traumatic news stories. 

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